Take a look at our beautiful little boy Harrison.....

Now take a closer look!

At first sight he seems a normal looking child and you may even guess his age correctly – he’s 6. But when you study his picture longer you’ll notice that he's only standing due to being in his walker and if you were to see a video of him or see him in the flesh you’d see his awkward arm and leg movements and a severe lack of co-ordination.

Our son Harrison suffers with cerebral palsy, in fact, the correct diagnosis is spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. This means all four of his limbs are affected.

There is no cure, he may never sit unaided, walk or even talk. Any form of purposeful physical movement will always be extremely difficult for Harrison and he’ll always need lots of hands on support and endless equipment to help him live his life to the full and to do the things that most of us take for granted and barely even think about because they come so naturally to us. Although he understands so much around him, he also has severe learning and devlopment delay.

This website has been set up to tell Harrison’s story and for us as his parents to track his development and achievements. We'll will also post information about fundraising events that we, friends or relatives take part in to raise money for his Trust Fund, set in the hope that we’ll always be able to provide him with the equipment and support he needs, when he needs it and to ensure he can lead as normal a life as possible.

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Jo and Jon Dilling xx

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