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Ibiza 2012

For Harrison's first holiday abroad we went to Ibiza and other than a few hiccups, we all had a wonderful time. We were able to use the car seat, bought with donations, in the hire car and also as his seat on the plane which was excellent! We half expected tears on take off but to our delight he thoroughly enjoyed it, beaming from ear to ear and actually loving the loud noise. When we arrived in Ibiza we stayed on board the plane to wait for Harrison's chair to be bought to us and as a result both boys were allowed to visit the cockpit and meet the captain, a rare treat these days, and one which they were very grateful for. Harrison spent so much time in the water, both in the pool and the sea. We used his inflatable neck ring in the water which gave him a sense of independence and an opportunity to move his arms and legs freely which he really loved, offering great therapy too! We were keen for Harrison to enjoy every aspect of a holiday that all children experience which included staying up late to watch family entertainment (meaning he gave in to a daily siesta), taste different foods and enjoy lovely treats like ice cream every day (the food he wasn't so keen on but loved the ice cream, surprise!) In summary Harrison had a wonderful first holiday experience which I'm sure is clearly evident from the photos. We look forward to our next holiday, although no plans made yet and maybe not too soon!!!

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    Playing with older brother Reece in the hotel room near Gatwick we stayed in the night before we flew out.

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    Harrison getting ready for take off sitting in his special car seat on the plane!!

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    The lads mid flight on our way to Ibiza

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    Harrison having his regular afternoon siesta!

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    Catching a crocodile!!!

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    Harrison loving his neck ring giving him freedom to move his arms and legs, this along with a life jacket were so helpful in the water

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    A morning coffee at the famous 'Cafe Mambo'

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    Outside the Island's superclubs 'Eden' and 'Es Paradis'......although only at 11.00am!!

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    Having lunch

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    Harrison with his girlfriends he met on holiday!!!

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    One happy little man

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    Harrison with Chris who we met on holiday

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    Harrison with Michelle who we met on holiday

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