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Raising money for Harrison - HellRunner November 2012

On Sunday 11 November Harrison's daddy, his uncle Ben and 2 of daddy's mates ran the HellRunner South trial run, 10-12 miles of mud, water, climbing, sliding and torture! It was all to raise money for Harrisons's Trust Fund. To find out more read the blog article (link at the end, you'll need to copy and paste it or you'll find it in the gallery section)) but here are some photos too. Enjoy!

  • img_0210
    Before it all started!

  • img_0221

  • 231170_10151316461468760_2130378108_n
    Even parking was rather interesting...and note the frost!

  • 207456_10151316461638760_1134754823_n
    Getting prepared

  • 534028_10151316461548760_410093054_n

  • 553778_10151316461738760_1553981822_n

  • img_0218

  • img_0214
    It was a tough choice!

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  • img_0212

  • 21883_10151316462043760_697887782_n
    The 'bog of doom' on the way to the start before anyone had entered

  • img_0222
    Just in case, they seemed quite busy afterwards!

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  • 602581_10151316462438760_549980012_n

  • img_0219

  • img_0227
    Uncle Ben in his 'Anatomy Man' outfit

  • 561688_10151317173028760_507846635_n
    It was all the start anyway!

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  • 308824_10151317173098760_1312704317_n

  • 319043_10151317172218760_1338909583_n
    lots of this point......

  • 293847_10151317997183760_1929473843_n
    The first 'bog of doom', and I seem rather determined!

  • 521642_10151317997158760_1729310903_n
    Gareth coming out of the first 'bog of doom' and looking likes he's already had enough!

  • 602616_10151317172648760_2021139364_n

  • 408149_10151317173303760_1262992713_n

  • 542682_10151317997123760_866076895_n

  • 20418_10151317172433760_2072414034_n1
    Getting carried away in the lake!

  • 408118_10151317172468760_837244993_n
    Matt enjoying the lake

  • 154343_10151317172543760_312921462_n
    Uncle Ben (aka Anatomy Man) making his way through the lake

  • 61480_10151317172618760_197696084_n

  • 46002_10151317172048760_2106712174_n
    Onto the sand dunes for the last 2/3 miles and now running with cramp in both calf's. I have no idea why I was smiling at all, I was in pain!!

  • 230127_10151317172093760_1467479618_n
    Uncle Ben feeling it

  • 521695_10151317171933760_1349413010_n

  • 525632_10151317171973760_826495253_n1

  • 148149_10151317172963760_1914011968_n
    Uncle Ben coming in to the finish...and looking like its the end!

  • 550950_10151317172688760_1618355725_n
    Gareth feeling the pain

  • img_0232
    Gareth making the finishing line

  • img_0231

  • 263524_10151317172808760_1106663277_n
    For some reason we thought it would be funny if I got onto Matt's back as we crossed the finishing line together, the crowd did love it mind!!

  • 45998_10151317172743760_2027956969_n

  • img_0229
    Wet and cold but at the end

  • img_0230
    Uncle Ben afterwards, still so cool!