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Harrison's wheelchair presentation with Peter Alliss

These photos were taken in March 2012 when Harrison was fortunate enough to have an electric wheelchair donated from money raised by the Salterns Alliss (as in Peter Alliss, the golfing legend and now commentator) Merlot Pro Celebrity Golf Day held at Ferndown Golf Club. The golf day itself was in September 2011 and the annual event raises over £30,000 every year for local children related causes. We were so grateful for their offer to help Harrison since this is such an important piece of kit for him, offering Harrison independence, something he so craves. Its very early days in terms of him driving it but he is getting driving lessons at school so we'll see what happens...and just watch out in the meantime!!

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    Harrison meeting Mrs Alliss

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    Peter Alliss presenting

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    Peter Alliss

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    With Mr and Mrs Aliss

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    Some of the other lucky beneficiaries

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