Its Tough Mudder Time - raising £5,000 for Harrison!!!

Its Tough Mudder Time - raising £5,000 for Harrison!!!

This year we've set ourselves a challenging fund raising target of £5,000 - and Jon and I are running a 'Tough Mudder' race on 27 April in order to try and achieve this.

So why £5,000 you might ask?

With not being able to walk, Harrison is completely wheelchair bound (you can see him in his current chair in the photo above with his older brother Reece at the football) but it’s now becoming an essential requirement for him and us to get a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) in order to make life better. One main reason for this is that he's now out growing his collapsable wheelchair (seen in the picture) and will therefore need be in one that he'll stay in when travelling very soon. Furthermore it's about his dignity. Harrison is now 5 and he just doesn't want to be carried in and out of the car each and every time - what 5 year old would!

Unfortunately a WAV is one of things we can obtain little financial grant or support towards and typically, the cost of what we require is far more than any normal family car or vehicle, so the amount we're looking to raise will simply go some way towards it.

With so many kind friends and family having raising money for Harrison's Fund over the last year or so, some are even doing so as we speak helping us towards this target.....Jon and I thought it now time to step up to the plate ourselves.

For those that might not know, a ‘Tough Mudder’ is a 12-mile run (so almost a half marathon!), which also involves mud, hills, swamps, ice, electric shocks, monkey bars and all sorts of other obstacles along the way too (about 30 in all)!!!! Described as a 'hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle course designed by the Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie', to say it’s ‘tough’ is an under statement!

We've both always training one way or another but its hard to know quite how to train for an event like this, but you can keep up to date with how we're doing via his Facebook page - 

Despite how hard its going be, we're actually looking forward to it, knowing we'll be helping our little man. Getting a WAV is now essential, as well as help accomodate all his other equipment we need giving him the choice and enabling us to get out and about, such as his tricyle, walking frame and whatever else he may require as he grows up...and we musn't forget Reece's and his bike too of course!

We set Harrison's Trust Fund up as an on-going fund in order to provide whatever Harrison might need and to ensure he lives as normal life as possible as he grow into a teenager and then into his adult years. It’s mainly for his long term future but its also for equipment we find he requires as we go along such as in this case.

Every penny really does count so as we run through the mud, swamps and ice, climb up, over and through obstacles and get electric shocks along the way, if you can help us reach our £5,000 goal it'll all be worth it and more - please give what you can for Harrison......we will be so grateful.

You can donate easily through PayPal on this site via or alternatively email us at if you would like to donate via another way (we can give the Trust details to transfer online for example, which in some ways we prefer since Paypal takes a cut of every donation we get!!).

Thank you for all your support and we'll let you know how we do.

P.s. please feel free to look around Harrison's website and see some lovely photos of him in the Gallery section as well as my latest article on his progress now he's 5 years old!

Jo and Jon xx